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The Top 7 Critical Incidents That Keep Emergency Managers Awake at Night

2019 12 13 / by David Layman posted in Preparedness, Incident management


What is the one emergency situation that keeps professional emergency managers awake at night? Given that emergency managers have extensive knowledge about a wide range of disasters and must constantly be prepared for the worst, it is extremely telling to know what type of incident they consider to be the nightmare scenario.

At the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Annual Conference held recently in Savannah, Georgia, we conducted a survey asking emergency professionals from various agencies, industries, and organizations a number of questions about preparedness, emergency planning and response, technology solutions, and the top concern that keeps them up at night.

Any guesses about what was the most frequent answer? What would you say?

Hurricanes? Winter storms? Zombie apocalypse? (many were overheard pondering this one, but presumably answered otherwise). We’ll tell you shortly…

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Guru Minute Video: Alleviating Regulatory Burdens for Healthcare Institutions, with Max Wippich

2019 12 5 / by David Layman


What are some of the substantial pain points healthcare institutions deal with when it comes to emergency management and preparedness?

Meeting accreditation and other regulatory standards is one of several significant burdens they face, according to Max Wippich, director of Client Experience, Public Health & Healthcare at Juvare.

Consider these statistics, from a 2017 report** by the American Hospital Association:

  • The healthcare industry spends $39 billion a year on administrative components related to regulatory compliance
  • The total cost of healthcare regulatory compliance for an average size hospital is around $47,000 per bed, or $1,200 per patient
  • An average size hospital dedicates 59 FTEs to compliance, more than a quarter of which are doctors and nurses

In this edition of the Guru Minute video, Wippich discusses how Juvare’s technology solutions can help alleviate some of these burdens while enhancing emergency preparedness and situational awareness.



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Guru Minute Video: Introducing Juvare’s New EMSupply, with Max Wippich

2019 11 19 / by David Layman posted in Healthcare, Public Health, EMSupply


In this month’s Guru Minute video, we speak to another Juvare expert about the new EMSupply solution.

Max Wippich, Director of Client Experience for Public Health and Healthcare, explains how EMSupply was built from the ground up as a public health and medical inventory management system, including the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) operations.


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Faces of Juvare: Meet the Experts Behind the Solutions --- Jim Cook

2019 11 8 / by David Layman posted in Faces of Juvare


Meet Jim Cook

Director, Training

Hometown: Atlanta, GA. One of the few people you will meet that was born here and still lives here.


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Safe! Emergency Management Agencies in both World Series Cities are Using WebEOC to Protect Fans

2019 10 28 / by David Layman posted in WebEOC, Incident Management Software, Events


When it comes to keeping big events safe, WebEOC is a big hit with emergency management agencies all over the world.

This time, Juvare solutions are being used to cover all the bases for preparedness, situational awareness, and incident management during the Major League Baseball World Series games between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals.

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New WebEOC Mobile App Making an Impact on Emergency Operations On-the-Go

2019 10 18 / by David Layman


Information is power, especially when an emergency or disaster strikes. Emergency responders can’t afford to be cut off from critical information and resources when they’re out in the field. That’s why we created the new WebEOC mobile app.

The WebEOC mobile app keeps emergency staff connected when they’re away from their desk, and makes preparation and readiness tasks easier and more efficient. The mobile-friendly boards are easy to view and edit, and keep users informed and situationally aware during an emergency, disaster, or other event.

The WebEOC mobile app has changed how one coastal emergency management agency performs many of their daily operations for emergency preparedness and response, said Emergency Management Specialist Aaron Thompson, of Chatham County EMA located in Savannah, Georgia.

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Florida Hurricane Preparation and Response with WebEOC: By the Numbers

2019 10 11 / by David Layman posted in hurricane, incident command


In late August, approaching Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, forecasts showed Hurricane Dorian as already a strong Category 5 hurricane and projected it to turn towards the U.S. coast. The entire state of Florida, as well as the Georgia coast, sat well in the projected path of potentially the strongest storm to ever make landfall on the mainland U.S.

After ravaging the Bahamas for nearly two days with 185 mph winds and a 23-foot storm surge, Dorian made its turn towards the Florida coast, and emergency managers began ramping up preparations for what could be a disastrous event. To help organize and streamline their preparations and response, nearly all of the state’s emergency management agencies relied on WebEOC.

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Guru Minute Video: Sanjay Satagopan – WebEOC and Juvare Exchange

2019 09 13 / by David Layman posted in Juvare Exchange


Juvare Product Manager Sanjay Satagopan talks about what sets Juvare apart in emergency management technology and solutions. He discusses some of Juvare’s solutions, including WebEOC – the world’s most widely-used, battle-tested incident management technology, as well as the recently-launched Juvare Exchange platform – the first-of-its-kind collaborative emergency management network connecting the public, private and healthcare sectors in real time.

Our Guru Minute video series is inspired by one of the most popular features of Juvare’s annual Exchange conference – the “Guru Lounge” – where participants can meet one-on-one with Juvare’s solutions experts and gain specific knowledge about critical incident management technology.


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Juvare Solutions at Super Bowl LIII

2019 08 30 / by David Layman posted in incident command, Incident management, Events


Preparedness is a competitive advantage. Organizations can’t afford to drop the ball when it comes to safety at large-scale planned events.

Juvare worked closely with our partners at Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency, along with over 50 federal and state agencies, who worked to ensure safety at Super Bowl LIII. The video below shows how Juvare’s emergency management platforms helped all agencies work together to prepare, stay connected, and respond to incidents during Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, GA.



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Guru Minute Video: Matt Cronin - Using Crisis Management Solutions for Large-Scale Planned Events

2019 08 22 / by David Layman posted in Preparedness, Incident management, Crisis Communication, Events


In this month’s Guru Minute video, we spoke to Matt Cronin, Director of Solutions Architecture at Juvare, who talks about how organizations use Juvare's crisis management solutions to prepare for and respond to any incidents that might occur at large-scale planned events like concerts, festivals, sporting events, marathons, etc.

The monthly Guru Minute videos are inspired by one of the most popular features of Juvare’s annual Exchange conference – the “Guru Lounge” – where participants can meet one-on-one with Juvare’s solutions experts and gain specific knowledge about critical incident management technology.


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