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Kaleb Brown is an Juvare Client Advocate for international clients including Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Turkey, Russia and Former Soviet States. He has more than five years of emergency management experience. Prior to joining Intermedix, Brown held the position of Communications Systems Administrator at South Carolina Emergency Management Division. Brown earned his bachelor's degree in anthropology from Ohio State University and holds a master's degree in public administration with a concentration in emergency management from Clemson University.
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If Resiliency Is Our Common Thread, How Do We Weave It?

Jul 13, 2018 11:24:22 AM / by Kaleb Brown posted in WebEOC, Emergency Management

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International resiliency can seem larger than life. But there is a common perception that we all share the need for resiliency. Moreover, international resiliency is a common thread that binds us all together. Due to the interdependencies of global economics, finance and policies that span national divisions, events that transpire in one geographical area and in one market segment will impact other geographies and, potentially, other market segments.

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