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For Corporations, Readiness for Disasters and Critical Incidents is Good Business

Jun 13, 2019 2:02:47 PM / by David Layman posted in Emergency Management, Business Enterprise, resilience, disaster, Preparedness, coordinated response, Incident management, Crisis Communication, Business Continuity Management, Business Disruption


It might not be the first thing you think about when considering emergency preparedness, but having a plan for a critical incident or disaster makes good business sense.

Corporations have suffered tremendous losses because of unexpected events – natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and wildfires, as well as man-made events such as office violence, active shooters, terrorism, or cyberattacks.

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Unique Challenges for Higher Ed Makes Critical Incident Planning Essential

Jun 7, 2019 2:48:36 PM / by David Layman posted in Emergency Management, education, Preparedness, Incident management, Incident Management Software, Health and Safety, Higher Education Institutions


Cramming for exams should be about as stressful as the life of a college student gets. But as nerve-racking as school work can be, it’s an expected part of the college experience.

But more than ever, Higher Education Institutions have to be prepared for the unexpected. They have to be ready to respond swiftly and decisively to protect the lives of students, faculty, and staff when a disaster strikes.

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Faces of Juvare: Meet the Experts Behind the Solutions

May 30, 2019 11:56:49 AM / by David Layman posted in Emergency Management



Meet Matt Cronin

Director, Solutions Architecture

Hometown: Grew up in Northern Virginia. My senior year of high school I moved to Florida and spent 13 years there before relocating to Georgia (Augusta, now ATL)

College/Education: Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Certificate in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

Favorite Activities Outside Work: I enjoy spending time outdoors at parks with my family (including 4 kids) and playing golf with friends and family even though I don’t play nearly as much as I would like to. 

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Crossing the Finish Line With Juvare Solutions

Apr 18, 2019 2:44:03 PM / by David Layman posted in EMS, WebEOC, Emergency Management, Public Health, technology, Preparedness, incident command, EMTrack, emergency medical, Crisis Communication, Incident Management Software, Health and Safety, Events



Long-Term Partnership at the Boston Marathon Continues, Using WebEOC, EMTrack

The stakes are always high when incident managers are working to assure the safety of the general public. This is especially true at a major public sporting event like the 123rd running of the Boston Marathon.

At the world’s oldest annual marathon, the sixth largest such event in the world, over 30,000 participants striving for athletic excellence don’t need the extra pressure of concerning themselves with what goes on behind the scenes; but they should find it comforting that there are many incident management professionals also simultaneously striving for excellence in keeping people safe with support from Juvare.

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Exchange19 Offers an Inside Look at New Orleans You’ll Never Forget

Apr 12, 2019 3:53:04 PM / by David Layman posted in EMS, WebEOC, Emergency Management, Preparedness, Incident management, Exchange19, Events


Juvare’s Exchange19 conference will have a definite New Orleans flavor, with fun and fascinating networking activities that are unique to the Crescent City.

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Former Navy SEAL, Veteran Disaster Manager to Keynote Exchange19

Apr 5, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by David Layman posted in WebEOC, Emergency Management, Preparedness, Incident management, emergency medical, Exchange19


Who dat gonna be speaking at Exchange19?

If you want to be at the center of the universe for all things emergency preparedness and response, you don’t want to miss Juvare’s Exchange19 conference in New Orleans.

We’re excited to announce two outstanding keynote speakers...

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Better Together: Improving Outcomes when Data Pairs with Mapping

Nov 29, 2018 12:33:35 PM / by Matt Cronin posted in Emergency Management, Preparedness


As published in the IAEM November 2018 Bulletin.

Trouble comes at us faster and more unpredictably than ever before, and time is never on our side during a disaster. If the wind changes during a wildfire, the whole scenario changes in an instant. Higher population densities make preparedness, response and recovery even more challenging. Old processes and antiquated ways of performing tasks add complexity to any event, and modern challenges demand strategically collaborative approaches.

“Better together” is the result of a partnership designed to address these challenges. Formed between industry leaders, Juvare and Esri, the partnership combines the WebEOC and ArcGIS platforms to help mutual clients respond more quickly and effectively in any emergency.

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Juvare Staff Leads Lithuania’s EMS Teams for the Pope’s Historic Visit

Oct 5, 2018 11:46:11 AM / by Elaine Schweitzer posted in Emergency Management, Preparedness


It had been a quarter of a century since a pope last visited the country of Lithuania, where 77% of the population, according to the 2011 census, identify as Catholic. So, it was no surprise that a Mass celebrated by Pope Francis at an outdoor venue last week in Kaunas attracted over 100,000 participants. This included a significant number of elderly and disabled persons, many of whom traveled long distances, and arrived many hours ahead of the scheduled program.

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Juvare Support Prepares for Hurricane Florence

Sep 13, 2018 6:58:44 PM / by Carl Brown posted in WebEOC, Emergency Management, Hurricane Florence, Preparedness, Support


Juvare Support is actively monitoring Hurricane Florence, along with all other tropical activity in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, taking all prudent precautions with our clients, employees, property and technology.

We maintain redundant data centers in multiple locations throughout the U.S. and proactively monitor status to ensure proper functioning at all times. Our preparations include validating our backup and recovery plans, confirming business continuity/disaster recovery plans with our data center partners, and ensuring our geographic redundancy. Within each data center, we also maintain redundant power sources.

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Are You and Your Family Prepared to Survive for 72 Hours?

Sep 4, 2018 3:20:55 PM / by Juvare Staff posted in Emergency Management

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Personal preparedness is critically important. During a time of widespread emergency or disaster, it can be up to three days before resources are readily available to residents again. In order to combat the limited access to vitally important resources, families should prepare a disaster supplies kit that would provide up to 72 hours of self-reliance.

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