Guru Minute Video: Sanjay Satogopan

Jul 26, 2019 3:38:31 PM / by David Layman posted in Emergency Management, Incident management, Incident Management Software


One of the most popular features of the annual Exchange conference sponsored by Juvare has been the “Guru Lounge” where participants can meet one-on-one with Juvare’s solutions experts and gain specific knowledge about critical incident management technology.

In the spirit of the Guru Lounge, we introduce the Juvare Guru Minute video series. The first installment of this ongoing quick-chat video series features Juvare Product Manager Sanjay Satogopan, who discusses the basics of critical incident management solutions, including what they do and what types of organizations benefit from them. 


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Situational Awareness is the Key to Critical Incident Readiness

Jul 11, 2019 2:03:48 PM / by David Layman posted in disaster, Preparedness, coordinated response, Incident management, Incident Management Software, Business Continuity Management, Health and Safety, Juvare Exchange


The right Critical Incident Management platform offers the tools to help your organization respond effectively

Disasters, emergencies, and critical incidents often happen without a moment’s notice. In these situations, lives hang in the balance. Quick, decisive action is necessary to ensure safety, to mitigate damage, and to recover.

The best decisions are made, especially in a crisis situation, with a full view of events as they are happening. Armed with accurate information, you can make good decisions faster.

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Unique Challenges for Higher Ed Makes Critical Incident Planning Essential

Jun 7, 2019 2:48:36 PM / by David Layman posted in Emergency Management, education, Preparedness, Incident management, Incident Management Software, Health and Safety, Higher Education Institutions


Cramming for exams should be about as stressful as the life of a college student gets. But as nerve-racking as school work can be, it’s an expected part of the college experience.

But more than ever, Higher Education Institutions have to be prepared for the unexpected. They have to be ready to respond swiftly and decisively to protect the lives of students, faculty, and staff when a disaster strikes.

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What Should You Be Doing to Prepare For and Respond to a Cyberattack?

May 9, 2019 1:24:45 PM / by David Layman posted in resilience, Preparedness, Incident management, data security, Crisis Communication, Incident Management Software, Business Disruption, Business Continuity Management Software, Cybersecurity, Cyberattack


Don’t Sleep Through Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Planning


Does the possibility of a cyberattack on your company or organization keep you up at night?

It doesn’t have to if you’re confident that you have prepared properly and have a plan for a rapid and decisive response to a data breach.

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Crossing the Finish Line With Juvare Solutions

Apr 18, 2019 2:44:03 PM / by David Layman posted in WebEOC, Public Health, Preparedness, incident command, EMTrack, Incident Management Software, Health and Safety, Events



Long-Term Partnership at the Boston Marathon Continues, Using WebEOC, EMTrack

The stakes are always high when incident managers are working to assure the safety of the general public. This is especially true at a major public sporting event like the 123rd running of the Boston Marathon.

At the world’s oldest annual marathon, the sixth largest such event in the world, over 30,000 participants striving for athletic excellence don’t need the extra pressure of concerning themselves with what goes on behind the scenes; but they should find it comforting that there are many incident management professionals also simultaneously striving for excellence in keeping people safe with support from Juvare.

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