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Juvare CEO Unveils Vision to Build Enterprise Resiliency

May 23, 2018 5:42:20 PM / by Juvare Staff

ATLANTA, Ga. – Juvare, previously the Emergency Preparedness and Response Division of Intermedix, formally unveiled its new brand at their 2018 Summit in Atlanta. Clients from around the world gathered to hear the Juvare President and CEO, Robert (Bob) Watson, share details about the company strategy and his bold vision for the industry. 

Watson said, "We envision a future where communities are resilient in the face of increasing threats and risk. Communities aren't just places on a map, but webs of people and institutions, taking on shared threats with collective strength. We are bringing together government agencies and corporations, universities and hospitals, first responders and citizen volunteers to exchange information, coordinate response and share assets."

Juvare will continue to strengthen its industry-leading emergency management solutions, such as WebEOC®, EMResource, eICS and others, while at the same time developing a framework for enterprise resilience. "It's critical that our clients are vigilant, precise and connected. We provide the environment where they are able to do that—to securely communicate and share data," adds Watson. "We want our clients to not only bounce back from adversity, but to bounce forward."

Juvare has made Atlanta its corporate headquarters, with plans to be an integral and highly visible part of the city. David Hartnett, Chief Economic Development Officer for the Metro Atlanta Chamber said, "We are proud Juvare is leading by example with their community focus. Their efforts to elevate emergency preparedness and response here will make a difference in the lives of many Georgians, and it reflects Atlanta's position as the Center for Global Health."

In response, Watson said, "I'm very proud of our people and their collective commitment to securing a resilient future for our clients, and I'm thrilled we are making our stake in Atlanta."

Juvare Staff

Written by Juvare Staff